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Chengxi Shipyard, located in Jiangyin City at the lower reach of the Yangtze River, is one of the largest shiprepairing and newbuilding enterprises under CSSC.  It has a good advantage in road and waterway transportation as it is of short distance to port cities like Shanghai, Nantong and Zhangjiagang.

Chengxi Shipyard covers a land area of 950,000 square meters, and today there are over 2,500 employees working in, among whom about 800 are marine engineers, naval architects, and technicians. The river front stretches over 2000 meters. The yard has a 1180-meter long outfitting quay, the front water depth being 8-14 meters and the main navigation channel 30 meters. On this quay there are 7 sets of 25-ton and 30-ton shore cranes and 2 sets of 100-ton and 60-ton floating cranes. The yard has 4 floating docks in 100,000 DWT, 80,000 DWT, 30,000 DWT, and 15,000 DWT respectfully and two shipways in 30,000 DWT and 15,000 DWT equipped with one set of 120-ton and two sets of 40-ton gantry cranes. The yard is rich in shiprepairing and newbuilding facilities and equipment.

Chengzi Shipyard is mainly engaged in shiprepairing, newbuilding, steel construction, offshore units repairing and electromechanical equipment fabrication. the yard is pursing the business concept of "one vessel as an advertisement, and one advertisement as one market," while strengthening the quality management. The yard was accredited and certified with ISO 9002 Certified by CSQA and LRQA respectively in September 1996 and October 1999 for shiprepairing, newbuilding and steel construction.

Chengxi Shipyard is actively implementing the strategic policy of "improving the shiprepairing, developing of the newbuilding and expanding the non-marine products," executing the management policy of "Human resources basis, scientific management and science & technology in the lead" and developing the shipyard's enterprise spirit of "Unity and Harmony, Honesty and Sincerity, Practicality and Reality." Chengxi Shipyard, aiming at the world-class shiprepairing and newbuilding enterprise, is now advancing the development by seeking higher positions, higher demands, and higher standards. 


Heng Shan: 275m X42m, 26,000 tons, 8m draft
Jin Shan: 265m X 40.8m, 20.000 tons, 8m draft
Zhon Shan: 15m X 24.5m, 6,500 tons, 8m draft


1,180m :: 8-14m draft